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Welcome to The Art Of Aesthetics

The Art Of Aesthetics is owned by a small group of technicians with one mission in mind: to provide the best and the most affordable crowns and bridges to a selected few high caliber doctors from around the country.   

 We don’t rush with your valuable cases. For this reason, we ask 2 weeks so that we can take time to do the right job the first time.  Every case is valuable to us so please send us pictures, detail & accurate instructions, and anything else that may help us to do job perfectly. 

 Brian Sibbald, DDS, Clinical Advisor.  

Dr. Sibbald was a client of our lab for many years until he retired from practice in 2015. Recently, he has joined us as a clinical advisor. In 42 years of private practice and 32 years as Assistant Professor of Clinical Dentistry at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, Dr. Sibbald has experienced most of the problems of dental practice and enjoys discussing and sharing solutions.  Dr. Sibbald continues to practice clinical dentistry as a volunteer at numerous dental clinics, but would welcome your questions. 


Porcelain Fused to Metal

  • Superior aesthetics
  •  Greater clarity & vitality
  •  Natural-looking opalescence
  •  Luminescence & Fluorescence
  •  Produce a stable thermal expansion coefficient  
  • Produce a tooth with a smoother finished surface    


  • Crown & Bridge Restorations
  • Posterior or Anterior Restorations 
  • Semi-Precious, White Gold, or Yellow Gold
  •  Implant Crown & Bridge    
Porcelain Fused to Zirconia

  • CAD/CAM Zirconia Core 
  • Layered with IPS e.max Powder 
  • Steel like strength 
  • All Porcelain Aesthetic 
  • Biocompatibility 
  • Low thermal conductivity    


  • Anterior & Posterior Restorations 
  • Single or Bridge up to 6 units 
  • Implant Crown & Bridge
CAD/CAM Zirconia
Solid Zirconia Crown for Bruxism

  • CAD/CAM Zirconia 
  • Steel like strength 
  • Biocompatibility 
  • Low thermal conductivity   


  • Single Posterior 
  • Bridge Posterior    

IPS e.max Layered 

  • Lithium Disilicate glass-ceramic
  • High strength (400 MPa) and high esthetics 
  • Minimally invasive, accurately fitting restorations 
  • Four levels of translucency for maximum flexibility 
  • Lifelike esthetics, irrespective of the shade of the preparation    


  • Anterior single crown 
  • Anterior bridge up to 3 units 
  • Posterior crown 
  • Inlay/Onlay Restorations

Diagnostic Wax Up

Perfection comes from attention to tiny details. Each of our veneer is meticulously crafted by a highly skilled technician.  We stick to the precise steps that we learned from our formal education. Our diagnostic wax up includes a matrix set.


Each package include

Soft tissue and model work, implant abutment, certified alloy, implant crown,  abutment screw, and position jig. 

 What we need from you
 2 weeks* (3i Encode Healing and Neoss need an additional week), full arch impression & opposing, bite registration, impression coping, lab analog & screw, clear, legible instructions, implant information (such as manufacturer, model, and size), plastic abutment & screw (for gold abutment package), Variobase link (for Variobase Package). 

 What we offer
Free delivery/shipping, no hidden cost, genuine parts, certified alloys, lifetime warranty***   

Note: *For most implant systems and starts when we have all information. **  When taking an impression, be sure the impression coping snaps in place. *** Active customers only. In order to be an active customer, you will need to send at least one new case per month (any type of restoration). One year warranty for inactive clients.


CAD/CAM Customized Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained Implant Restoration 

Indications: Posterior • Strongest


CAD/CAM Customized Zirconia Abutment •   Monolithic Zirconia Crown Restoration 

Indications: Posterior • Stronger


CAD/CAM Customized Titanium Abutment •   Semi-Precious Metal Ceramic Restoration (PFS) 

Indications: Anterior  • Posterior • Stronger


CAD/CAM Customized Zirconia Abutment •  IPS e.max Layered Implant Crown, or Zirconia Layered Crown (PFZ) 

 Indications: Anterior • Posterior • Most Aesthetic


Gold Casted Abutment (part excluded) •   Semi-Precious Ceramic (PFS) Crown 

 Indications: Anterior • Posterior • Aesthetic


STRAUMANN VARIOBASE with Customized Monolithic Zirconia Screw Retained (part excluded)     

Indications: Posterior • Strongest

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The Art Of Aesthetics
Front Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm PST

Thank you!!

Working with The Art Of Aesthetics

• We need ten (10) working days in lab, not including shipping days, national holidays, and weekends. Please allow extra time during holiday seasons. • Package well to protect the model. • The case will be placed on hold if any information or component is missing. • Finished cases are based on what you sent to us. Everything depends on your impression and preparation. • For all REMAKES, you must send detailed information as the reason for remake, potential problem, visual aids (photo, graphic, drawing, or sample), and anything that will help us to investigate and take appropriate corrective actions. • For cases with NO OCCLUSAL clearance, and if there is no other instruction, we will reduce abutment with reduction copying or adjust opposing, whichever is most appropriate. • Do not schedule your patients appointment to seat crowns on the day after your immediate return to the office after a closure, vacation, or long weekend. • Prompt PAYMENT is necessary in order to maintain a good working relationship. If you do not send payment by the 21st, there will be an added finance charge of $40 or 1.98% per month to your total balance whichever is greater. In case of returned check, there will be a $50 financial charge plus a $40 or 1.98% per month late charge. After a returned check, only ACH payment will be accepted. • If at all possible use emails to contact the lab. Always reference the patient’s name. • Every patient is unique in regard to SHADES, and there are many factors that contribute, such as dentin shade, translucency, unusual lines that look like a window crack, calcification, a glass-like look, and the list goes on. Even more challenging is when a patient has bleached teeth. • By sending cases to us, you are entering into a binding contract to follow the notes above. • Please PRINT legibly your instructions on the lab slip.  We are not responsible if we can’t read your instructions. To avoid this problem, if you have a long instruction, email us. This will save everyone time, and we can follow your instructions as accurately as possible. Do not use ABBREVIATIONS. • Make check payable to: The Art Of Aesthetics.